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Dec 1, 2012 4:30pm EST
intrigued by a comment that joe boardman, the president and c.e.o., made in this article when he pledged in the article, and i take his quote from the article, to run this company more as a business and less as a government entity. quite inspiring goal and something we have been trying to achieve from this committee. he set some of the bar and, again, back to 2005, reviews of amtrak have called for improvement, again, in its organization and management strategy. in 2010, the i.g. of amtrak released another report and as a result of that 2010 report, in november of 2011 amtrak released their five year strategic plan with corporate goals and organization structure, targets that they intend to use to create more transparency and accountability. and that's what we'll focus a great deal on today is where they are in that process, how they have come along. we'll hear from the head of amtrak, mr. boardman, we'll hear from the inspector general, and we'll also hear from a representative of workers and labor and see how they assess that progress. the plan, the strategic plan that's now un
Dec 18, 2012 6:00am EST
hedlund, and she is the deputy administrator of the federal railroad administration. we have joe boardman, the president and ceo of amtrak as a witness. we have joan mcdonald, chair of the northeast corridor infrastructure operations advisory commission and also commissioner of the new york state department of transportation. we have richard geddes, adjunct scholar of the american enterprise institute. we have mr. perry offutt who is the managing director of morgan stanley and mr. john tolman who's vice president national legislative representative, the brotherhood of locomotive ending nears and trainmen. i want to welcome all of our witnesses. we're trying to get to as many as we can. they're going to call a vote in a few minutes. so if you have a lengthy statement, it will be submitted by unanimous concept to the record. -- concept to the record. we'd like to have you summarize, and when we finish with everyone, we'll go to questions. thank you so much for joining us, and we'll turn first to karen hedlund, and she is the deputy administrator of fra. welcome, and you're recogniz
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2